About Halal Sutures

Medivest is committed to ensure its VESTI products consistently meet the stringent requirement of hygiene and quality in conformance to Halal-certified products. Benchmarking VESTI and its processes with halalan tayyiban concept in accordance to the MS 2636 for medical products adds another layer of assurance beyond compliance with established quality systems such as Medical Device Certification ISO 13485:2016 and CE specifications.

Medivest is dedicated to solidify trust factors in terms of materials purity and hygiene  through holistic range of safe, effective, quality Halal-certified VESTI sutures products which are verified free from animal based especially from non-Halal porcine source.

This assured safe use and effectiveness, high in quality and hygienic and halal from the start.

Halal Product Assurance

Certified by JAKIM to meet MS2636 standards

Hygienic in process

Free of animal based materials


Safe and hygienic use on body