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Our Facility

  • Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization Chamber. 
  • 2 units Sterilization Chamber with capacity of 1.5m3 each. 
  • Meet allowable limit of residuals. 

Our Service

Worldwide Medivest Sdn Bhd (WMSB) providing sterile services to the various end users in the healthcare industry, the operation theatres, emergency department, maternity, wards etc. through a series of strictly monitored cleaning, disinfecting, packing and sterilizing processes

Our Certificate

WMSB’s sterilization chamber complied with ISO 11135:2014, EN ISO 10993-7:2008, EN ISO 11737-1:2006, EN ISO 11737-2:2009 and EN ISO 11138-1 standard. , focusing on sterilization services using Ethylene Oxide gas.

Our Availability

We are available to assist you.

Monday to Friday

09.00am to 5.30pm

Serving Clients from asean region


Frequently asked question.

What is the sterilization charge for one carton?

We charge a customer base per chamber because each customer has a different parameter setting.

Can you sterile the hospital equipment?

Yes, but you MUST pack the equipment into the sterile pouch and seal before sending for sterilization.

Can you arrange the collection/return item from our facility?

Normally, customers will arrange the deliver/pick-up of items to/from our factory but we can arrange for you upon request. 

Can you use our parameter setting?

According to ISO 11135:2014 any changes in manufacturing operations, sterilization equipment, and/or the sterilization process, the customer MUST perform a validation process.

What is the lead time for the sterilization process?

If your item/product can reach our facility before 2 pm, you can collect the item/product after three days from delivery date.