Orangesoft is a leading Kotlin development company with 10+ years of experience. Our dedicated team of skilled developers builds dynamic, secure mobile apps that add value to your business. Powered with Kotlin, our mobile solutions are fault-proof, cost-effective to develop, and easy to maintain. Our developers create stunning applications in the shortest time and at reasonable cost. Android Kotlin development services we offer start with a free consultation and, after the desired product is delivered, continue with future support and enhancements. An era of cross-platform development is currently ruling the computing world and among the highlighted frameworks is the name of Kotlin, a multiplatform mobile app building language that comes with its own unique set of SDK.

Orangesoft is a full-cycle software development company with a strong presence in the mobile development market, vetted talent, and calibrated processes. To get a better grasp of your product vision, we run product workshops as a vital point of the process. This stage helps us tap deeper into the minds of the end users and arrive at the most meaningful app features and interfaces. At the end of this stage, we’ll present you with initial app design drafts, wireframes, and accurate project requirements — all mapped in the project documentation. Our collaboration starts with a deep dive into your business idea, app requirements, and expected results.

Examples of Kotlin applications we’ve built

We are
consistently recognized as a top development firm across a variety of
world-class technology stacks and industries. We are
recognized as a top development firm across a variety of
world-class technology stacks and industries. The choice of our technology stack is a reflection of the
experience that we’ve accumulated over the past 12 years. We’re
working with technology at the forefront of technology in their
field, and we have good reasons to pick these technologies. We work with our clients and help develop business
strategies that help them stay competitive. Custom offers competitive yet technologically advanced
solutions to clients that meet their specific needs.

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The language is modern and open source and is way more concise than Java. It reduces time spent writing and maintaining the same code for different platforms while retaining the flexibility and benefits of native programming. We provide exceptional software outsourcing services and solutions to companies worldwide. They recognised Java was the programming language of choice for developers around the world. However, they also identified various setbacks and inconveniences, which, in their opinion, held the framework back from letting developers truly express themselves.

What makes us the best Kotlin development company

Prototyping application is an integral part of application designing as it helps in cross-checking the feasibility of elements with design concepts and also checks their efficiency. Since ManekTech emphasizes on building designs that clearly convey our cleints’ brand value, we take Kotlin application prototyping service very seriously. Our team of Kotlin developers plan and prepare an application’s prototype after scrutinizing all possible angles and develop it as per your business requirements.

Kotlin app development at ManekTech is all about creating secured, agile and captivating apps that capture your consumer’s attention with their supreme functionalities and seamless performance. As the official Android language, it is largely used to build Android apps, but it can also be leveraged for server-side programming, web development, cross-platform development, and data science programs. Kotlin has a lot of traction in Android development and compiles to almost every platform. There’s built-in null safety support, but Kotlin does come with a steep learning curve and has a smaller developer community.

Multiplatform libraries

Already considered a mature ecosystem, Kotlin’s popularity is growing rapidly, especially within the mobile development scene. Their dedication to both their work and the partnership yielded impressive work that grew the app’s user base. It’s now getting positive reviews continuously, proving the technical capabilities of the team. Adapting to a scrum development process, they went above and beyond expectations.

Our dedicated developers can put this framework to proper use and develop intelligent, tech-savvy applications, which help you convince your users to spend more time on your application. Being a Google recommended technology for Android app development, Kotlin is widely pursued by enterprises who look forward to hassle-free scalability as Kotlin comes packed with powerful built-in support for libraries. In fact, because of so many advanced features, Kotlin is often regarded as a matured language and development environment. So those looking for an easy, cost efficient migration services can certainly look up to Kotlin. We deliver high-quality, custom, and native Android apps with Kotlin at the core — a mature mobile app development technology, compatible with all Java-based frameworks.

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Kotlin is good for mobile and server-side applications, client-side with JavaScript or JavaFX, and data science. As well as using for back end web, you can use Kotlin code client-side, for desktop development, and native development. It also supports modern programming concepts like extension functions, higher-order functions, and lambdas. Additional Kotlin language features include clean and compact syntax and null safety.

kotlin development services

This allows us to maintain flexibility, adjust to any changes with zero disruption, and deliver a product in full alignment with your expectations. Cover multiple platforms with Kotlin Multiplatform that helps create business logic code for iOS, Android and other platforms from a single codebase. Android design toolkits are built around Kotlin to bring simplification and speed to your UI designs during application development.

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With a view to the myriad of advantages that React gives, we help
our customers in the process of migrating from other software
platforms to Kotlin. Gear up for new business opportunities with high-performance Kotlin apps. The high-performance well-being app has users from 189 countries and won the 2019 Google Play Award in the Standout Well-Being App category. The app has an average 4.7 rating in the App Store, and 96% of members say Shine helps them feel more self-compassionate.

  • We prepare the code from scratch and make sure that it is of high quality and well optimized for your requirements.
  • RavStack is well-versed with developing innovative and premium quality web applications that will suit your organisational needs.
  • This has driven even greater adoption of Kotlin for mobile apps and spurred developers to switch from Java to Kotlin.
  • To ensure that your Kotlin code is clean, loads fast, and is entirely error-free, Ravstack’s team can also help you with an independent audit and testing.
  • Kotlin cracks business logic and UI and offers an efficient way to compose a fully native UI and enhance app appearance with less code, reduced bugs.
  • Kotlin is a progressive language for programming and becomes a primary choice of developers.

Being 100% compatible with the JVM, you can use Kotlin for server-side development. Write expressive yet concise code while maintaining full compatibility with Java. Please be informed that when you click the “Submit” button, Emerline will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy to provide you with the appropriate information. Being a lightweight Java and Kotlin web framework, Javalin allows easy creation of REST APIs.

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There is also the dedicated team model, through which the partner team will complete the project from start to finish. You can build Android apps, server-side applications, and client-side web applications with Kotlin. It’s also possible to use Kotlin for desktop applications and UWP apps. Thanks to Kotlin’s scripting capabilities, you can use it directly in your Gradle build scripts. Kotlin also supports modern programming concepts like extension functions, higher-order functions, and delegates. Netguru contributed to the digital transformation of KW by assisintg with the redesign of Kelle, an AI-powered personal assistance mobile app.